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Expert Auto Repair Services in Fort Washington, PA

Basic Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services are preventative & intended to extend the life of certain components, possibly avoiding a repair.

Oil & Filter Changes

The most important single thing any vehicle's owner can do to prolong the life of their engine is to change the oil & filter every 3,000 miles. Oil in your engine deteriorates over time, causing it to be less effective in lubricating the engine. If your oil is old or dirty & stops lubricating ... Read more


How straight your car or truck travels down the road, when the steering wheel isn't being turned is important for many reasons. If your vehicle drifts to the right or left, it probably means it needs an alignment. An alignment will adjust your tire's stance. This not only makes your car safer, but ... Read more

Tire Rotation & Balancing

When an object spins thats out of balance, it will wobble & shake. When you drive down the road at 60 mph, your tires are spinning 840 times per minute & even slight differences in how it's balanced can make a big difference. Tires that are not correctly balanced will vibrate & this vibration can ... Read more
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